Monday, January 8, 2018

Practical Effects for Flatwoods - Progress

If any of you (you know, "you," the great faceless masses who may or may not actually be reading this blog… *crickets*… ) -- if any of you read my last post, then you are well aware that I got hired to do some animation for the new Small Town Monsters documentary "The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear."
I can't show too much, since the film doesn't hit Amazon Prime till April, but some BTS photos have already been posted on STM's Instagram.

So check 'em out.

The set was made of foam and clay, with grass powder and juniper for trees. The houses were built by my uncle -- yes, he is in fact, the same uncle who built the miniatures for Shtubby No. 5 way back in 2014!

Anyway, keep on the lookout, because the Kickstarter campaign starts Jan. 25. You can check out the trailer (with one of the shots I provided near the 56 second mark) here.