Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Shot in the Bag! - Almost...

making more grave stones

Hey, just a quick pop-in and back out! I just semi-completed the first shot or so of the Music Video and it turned out ok. The puppets aren't the best for smooth animation, though. They're quite clunky and bouncy and they don't like to stay put. Plus, my first shot was very low light and that made it extremely difficult to see how far I moved it on the frame-grabber. Either way, it's a big step forward and gives me hope that it may actually get done. Mostly I just have to add some extra stuff, such as motion blur and color correction in After Effects and then the shot will be finished. Also, my uncle is making the indoor/outdoor set on which I'll be animating next, so that's some pressure off my shoulders. Other than that, I just have the 10 Second spot for to start. So see ya later!