Sunday, May 27, 2018

New Things On The Horizon

It's been a while since my last post, and though I am incredibly busy, I'll still try to find time to keep this blog updated -- the word "blog" in this case, being used merely as a formality. As I can honestly say, this is more of the online equivalent of talking to ones's self than it is a real "web-log," the function of which is to be read by an audience (as least, that's how I understand it).
Truthfully, I came to blogging just as the last dying breath of this form of media was sputtering out.
And I suppose it's only fitting that I've just recently given-in to popular culture and started an Instagram account -- which I'll shamelessly plug here: @srvfilms.

"But Santino!" you might say (that is, assuming any of you would say that, and in a very high pitched, pseudo-Mickey Mouse voice to boot)  -- by the way, wit like this really doesn't read well and is best suited for stand-up comedy.  Because, as I'm sure you've noticed by now, the reader would have no way of knowing with what inflection or timing I was delivering these "zingers" -- nor would they be able to ascertain through simple text that they're missing my crappy (though still good enough to be funny) Seinfeld impression!

Image result for i don't wanna be a pirate seinfeld gif

Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yeah: "But Santino!" you might say, "It sounds as though you're only concerned with this blog being popular and gaining viewership! That sounds awfully shallow of you."

Well, first off: you don't know me! So how dare you pass that hypothetical judgement which I put in your mouth.

And second: I'm not all that concerned. In fact, I gave up on this blog gaining any considerable traffic years ago. At this point, it's basically here to serve as a very long, very casual, and needlessly jocular resumé that I could use to say "Hey, this is what I've been doing with my life for the last 9 years... interesting ain't it?"

So, my crazed, anti-blog rambling aside, I've got some little bits of news that I'm pretty happy about.

As I mentioned previously, The Flatwoods Monster documentary that I worked on is out and it's been getting pretty good reviews on Amazon Prime, so, do yourself (me) a favor, and check it out.

Also, I went to Wisconsin for a week in April to shoot "The Bray Road Beast," another Small Town Monsters feature.
My workload on which, has been considerably larger than on 'Flatwoods.' Not only am I producing animated sequences for the historical representations, I'm also doing effects and got to work as an assistant camera operator/grip.

So far, there's not much that I can show, save for this screen-cap of a shot I did:

Everything in the photo above I had to make or find. The book was constructed out of Foamies, scrapbook paper, paint, and rubber cement -- all glued over an old book I had laying around.
The maps on the table and the unseen pages in the book were drawn in Photoshop and printed on cream colored art paper, that I then stained with coffee.

Music Video

This past month I was also given the opportunity to work on a music video with director Zach Daulton. 
Zach had contacted me back in November of last year to see if I'd like to do some creature effects for his next project and, of course, I jumped at the chance.
Granted, there's not much of that video, or the creative process that I can show you till its release -- and because everyone involved is working at it in their spare time, it will be a good while before it's available online.
Till then, I suppose I'm allowed to show you the VHS props I made for the film.

And so, we reach the abrupt end of yet another weird, rambling post.

Till next time...