Tuesday, February 2, 2016

B.T.S. Baby

Here's a brief video showing the basic effects in "F for Formula".
Formula VFX Breakdown from Santino Vitale on Vimeo.
As you can see, all the effects were processed in After Effects -- extras like the arm holding the bear and spit-up were left out of the video for sake of time (and also, because I assumed them rather self-explanatory).
The film grain came from an online grain pack which you can find here at HolyGrain.
I'm quite pleased with the way it performs (all functioning though use of blending modes) it's quick and extremely customizable for the price -- though if I had more money to throw around, I'd definitely consider Cinegrain for it's wider variety of looks... or even Film Looks which at first glance, seems just as varied but for half the cost.
Anyway, product placement aside (I wish I got paid every time I said "After Effects") I'm pleased to report that I'll be submitting Orson to some film festivals here soon.
More info on that as it goes.
Also, I'll be moving forward on some new projects...... just as soon as I figure out what they are.

That's all for now.