Friday, February 23, 2018

HellthClass Film-Fest Acceptance, Flatwoods Premiere & More!

Good day to all on the inter-web!
I bring great news from the many strange corners of my life.
First up, 'HellthClass' will be playing at the Columbus International Film and Animation Festival, which runs March 22-25!
My film will be shown during the "Not-Quite Midnight" portion of the fest; at 9pm Friday (23rd).

Next -- the monster doc that I've been doing VFX for has wrapped and will be making its rounds to local festivals like Midwest Weird Fest, and HorrorHound Cincinnati
The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear, will make its online premiere April 6th, though Amazon Prime.
The early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, so do yourself a favor and watch it, or I'll come to your house and give you the big-sad puppy-dog-eyes and say: 
"But why?! WHY, won't you watch the movie?! It's good. It doesn't mean you any harm. We all worked so hard on this!"
Anyway, until the film comes out, you can view the new trailer below (it contains quite a number of my shots, so, you know… watch it twice).

The third hunk-o-news, is that I'll be joining the Small Town Monsters team on their next film as well. Titled, "The Bray Road Beast," the new documentary will explore the decades-old myth of a real life werewolf that eyewitnesses claim has been stalking around Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The film will be STM's most ambitious to date.
As usual, I'll be providing animation and various effects as needed.