Sunday, August 5, 2018

HellthClass Wins Award at MSFF!

Late last month, July 28th to be exact, 'HellthClass' played at Midsummer Scream Festival in Long Beach, CA.
And it's because of this, that I'm super excited to announce:

HellthClass won the Audience Choice Award for best in its category!

Extremely happy and thankful to everyone who made this film possible and look forward to making more cool stuff in the future!

And speaking of the FUTURE...

Here's a quick little look-see into some of the new stuff that I've been working on.

I recently had to make a puppet for an 80's themed music video for the band Superdivorce.
It's been one of the most complex figures I've ever had to make (and of course, a huge thank you to my dad for sculpting it).  
The creature is still in-progress, but should be finished by the end of this week.

I can't show much of it, unfortunately, because the video isn't out yet. So hopefully, these few snippets will suffice for now.

This is a time-lapse of (one half of) the mold making process. Didn't get started till late that night and ended up going into the wee hours of the morning.