Monday, October 5, 2015

Animation To Begin...


I spent most of my time yesterday setting up the shot. Everything has to be so locked down -- and all I did was screw things together, duct tape stuff, clamp lights, etc. 
But now, it's finally almost time. 
It's really odd working with Dragonframe now, instead of Stop-motion Pro. But I've gotta say, in spite of the many differences, I do like the new workflow. The keypad is so much faster than using the mouse to click click click click away at the next frame. And the lip-synch tools are FANTASTIC! Up till now, lip-synch has always been a guessing game, total improv -- I've never had the luxury of actually knowing what syllable was coming next. 
I'm also trying to keep careful documentation of the process so I can get you all some cool behind the scenes footage later on.