Monday, October 1, 2012


I've been working on and off on the puppet heads for the new short. 
This is just the guy. I call him "Perry" because it sounds better than "the guy."
Perry's head was sculpted in Monster Clay, by my dad, mostly because I didn't want to try and figure how to deal with clay other than what I'm used to. (Also, because I was just lazy.)

Perry's head was molded and I began work on the facial armature. This was, however, a task that has proved extremely difficult and frustrating. SO difficult that this pic is actually of the second attempt. I stopped taking photos by the third because, well, I just didn't want to anymore.

The eyes are glass beads, the skull itself is epoxy putty, and the eyebrow/lip wires are pipe cleaners.

I'm still working out some small problems with Perry's skull. 
Also, I'm sculpting the OTHER character which is still classified. What I can tell you is: this "other character" is the biggest puppet I've ever had to make. Plus, it's got to have FUR
WOOPS, I've probably said too much as it is, so till next time. Bye!