Friday, December 4, 2009

New music video in progress

So, my father has a friend who lives in California. And about 4 months ago, he got hired to make a half dozen or more music videos for a certain artist. At that time, I had just finished one of my shorts and sent him the link. He replied, and asked if I would be willing to do one of the videos in stop-motion. Of course, how could I turndown an offer like that?
So, ever since August, I've been working on puppets and props and whatnot. Along the way, I've managed to get a few pictures of the process.

This is Old Man, the main character of the music video. He and all the other puppets are cast in Monster Makers foam latex (animatronic grade).

Here are two of the four crow puppets. There are three small ones (like these) and a big one for close-ups.

This is the mold for Old Man. It's the biggest mold I've ever made. And laying inside it is the Skeletoon armature.

This is the stone Angel. Her purpose is classified.

The whole thing is gonna be about three minutes long and so far, has taken close to four months to get things started. I recently acquired a Canon Powershot G10 camera for shooting in HD and my uncle and I fabricated a camera rig for pans.

We made the head out of wood, all-thread, and aluminum pipe. And my uncle salvaged an old enlarger from the local high school which we used to mount the head.